2018 Salsa Palladium in Sydney

Post-event reflection

Salsa palladium last weekend 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

My top 3 favourite workshops and why: 
- eddies pachanga (to make movement nice, its all in the details )
- Shani’s lady's movement (let yourself enjoy the dance, the sexy comes from within, The simple the harder. )
- Oliver's musicality (dance with the music, understand the elements of music, connection with your partner. )
- all partner workshop emphasizes the connection in social dance.

Two social nights 💃🏻🕺🏻
- Friday night : i practice my following, arm, shoulder. Posture. And learning Switch on 1 and on 2 in social dance 
- saturday night: Apply the tips from the social clinic by Sharon on the social floor

Something new to me : 🤯
- Kiss ! Keep it simple stupid! ( mainly for people who are leading lol ) 
- Boogaloo by Eddie (love the funky style)

Something i didn’t expect: 😳
- dance friends from other states can still remember me

Grateful ❤️🙏
- Thanks Graeme and the team 
- Share house with 3 lovely dance friends
- Our Eddie looks after us all the time

Other highlights 😃
- See spin performance on the big stage
- Minx dances with Eddie
- Brooke dances with Eddie
- Shani social dance with Daniel 
- photos with Eddie and Shani

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