Features of Friendship Luxury Dance Shoes

  • Fitted Mesh: Most of our shoes are designed with mesh on the toecap and between straps so that your toe can be protected well. The mesh can follow the line of your toe to make the shoes fit your foot line perfectly, with premium comfort.
  • Easy Hook: You only need to adjust the buckle the first time you try the shoes on. After that, you just need to hook it on/off easily when you want to jump onto the dance floor in half a second flat!
  • Adaptable Strap: Our X-Strap dance shoes can be adjusted to around the arch of your foot, or the ankle so that you can match your outfit perfectly and attain maximum stability.
  • Stunning Crystals: Friendship Shoes are known for sparkling crystal design. We believe dance shoes are not only for dance but also bring your character into your dance.
  • Built-in heel cap: Two in one heel caps are the best balance between function and beauty. You do not need to use extra heel caps because they are already made into part of the shoe!
  • Delicate Accessories: We care about every detail on dance shoes. We choose good quality materials to match with our well-designed shoes so they can last longer, whilst looking gorgeous.
  • Steady heel: We use a special material to be the "spine" of the heels so they are more stable than normal dance shoes. Many dance shoes use acrylic in the heel of their shoes, so they can snap easily. 
  • Fine Textiles: Every season, we choose better textiles to use in our collection. They need to be chosen carefully so they stay color-fast and last longer.
  • Comfy Padding: All our shoes have an incredible ¾” depth padding that provides your feet comfy with every move and allows you to dance all night.
  • Suede Sole: Perfect for every dance floor surface providing both grip and smoothness.


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