Q1: How is the heel height measured? 

The heels of Friendship Luxury Dance Shoes are measured from the breast of the heel to the sole.

Q2: Can I walk outside in these shoes or use them as street shoes? 

It is not recommended that you use your dance shoes for purposes other than dancing, as the suede soles are very soft and can be easily damaged from walking on rough surfaces, treading in water or other liquids. So, don’t take them on shopping marathons or sightseeing trips! However, we’ll keep one eye shut if you take a 1-minute walk wearing them from your car to the dance floor.

Q3: I’m a beginner, what heel size do I choose? 

Choose the heel height you’re most comfortable in, or used to wearing. If you wear flats most of the time, then your center of balance is used to flat shoes, so jazz shoes or smaller heels are better to start with. If you’re used to wearing stilettos, then it’s ok to pick a higher heel, as this is what you’re most used to for walking.

Q4: How do I know what size I am in your range of dance shoes? 

Simply refer to our sizing chart that gives you a comparison of the major sizing systems, as well as instructions on how to measure your feet to find out your size in our range. Please check this page before ordering your shoes!

Q5: I want a different color/heel/size to what’s available in your stock range, can you get it for me? 

Yes! We do tailor-made orders to suit your needs for a small premium, so please contact us via email to discuss your request. Check out all the parts of your shoe you can custom make here! Customized Details. 

Q6: How long will it take to receive my dance shoes?

It takes about 22 business days, as shoes take 10 business days to be hand-made. Once shoes are ready to ship, we use Airmail as our stander shipping method, which usually takes around 10 business days and requires a signature upon receipt.   Because we are shipping internationally, the delivery time can vary depending on your country’s customs inspection process, and local postal service. We are unable to offer express delivery to P.O. Boxes and certain countries where the EMS service is not offered or it is prohibitively expensive. Only Registered Airmail is available to these customers.

Q7: How do I pay for dance shoes and accessories on Friendship Shoes? 

We accept Direct Deposit, PayPal, Credit Card.

Q8: If I don’t like my dance shoes, what can I do? 

We’re sure that you will love your Friendship Shoes products! If however you wish to make returns claim within 7-days receiving your products, you can exchange your purchase or receive a credit for the value of your purchase. The dance shoe must be in the same condition as when it was shipped and needs to be returned at your expense.

Q9: Does Friendship Shoes want to hear about my experiences with my dance shoes? 

Of course, we do! We love hearing from you whether it is to answer a question, to learn about your experiences, good and bad, or anything else that can make our service and products a little closer to perfect.  Please don’t hold back, we’d love to hear from you.

Q10: How can I keep updated about new shoe styles and where your booths are going to be next? 

~You can simply LIKE US IN FACEBOOK, where we update every week about new styles, tips to keep your shoes gorgeous, and events we are traveling to showcase our products around Australia!~



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